Here at Fockler Creek Farms we operate under some assumptions that differentiate us from the conventional farming industry. For instance we believe animals need to be moving and in a microbially balanced environment to maintain their natural health. If we see a sick animal on our farm, we don't just assume it's pharmaceutically disadvantaged. We see it as either weakness in our management or weakness in the animal's genetics. Also when we look at "the beasts of the field", if I may, we see them in light of their kinds. Meaning we see them as unique and complex biological creatures (not mechanical) that were designed to live within their niche and offer service to the rest of creation by doing so. If we take them out of their niche, ie. put them into confinements and segregate them into separate industries, they can no longer offer the same services to the rest of creation. We have then in essence divorced them from the rest of creation just as much as many of us have divorced ourselves from participation with the natural world. And when that becomes the case you no longer have healthy animals or healthy people. Please check out the links below to see how we keep our livestock within their niche!

-Pastured Broilers

-Grass Fed Lamb

-Pastured Pork