- Pastured Poultry Ordering Info



Lest ye say we didn't tell ya! - (Terms & Conditions)

        Before you purchase a few of these healthy, tasty birds we'd like to share with you how this works.  These are raised-to-order chickens.  This means that when you order, we buy the birds and raise them for you.  What you pay now is a deposit per bird you are purchasing.  This deposit will be deducted from the total per/lb price that you pay us upon picking up your birds once they are butchered.

  • Accommodation of size requests are not guaranteed. 
  •  All deposits are non-refundable after 14 days.
  •  Missed pick-up of birds without prior notice will be charged at freezer price (additional $0.10/lb)
  •  Birds picked up later than two weeks past agreed on pick-up date will be marked up $3.00/bird + freezer price, or sold to someone else.
  •  Convenient pick-up locations will be arranged as orders come in.
  •  Notice will be sent out via email/phone no less than a week in advance informing you of the specific day, time, and location you need  to pick up your chickens.