Our Story



 Greetings from Brian and Amelia Wosepka! We're glad you stopped by! Here's a short bit about us. We live here on the family farm with Brian's parents, Scott and Margaret. As first generation farmers we have stepped into the local food and regenerative farming movement with enthusiasm and optimism. These are two qualities we will need as we begin to turn around our family's farm, which in all previous years has been farmed conventionally. Our hope is to one day pass onto the next generation a diverse farm brimming with healthful abundance. With help from Scott and Margaret we're making a go of it, with pastured poultry as one of our first business ventures. Our commitment is to raise naturally healthy animals that provide consumers with good, clean, nourishing meat and other products.  Our focus now and in the years to come will be to implement and develop systems of agriculture that result in solvent farmers, sane people, and sound ecosystems.



"The Crew"