Half Beef $3.90 lb

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A $250 deposit secures your half (approx. 250-350 lbs) of  grass-finished beef! For more details on the benefits of pasture-raised vs. grain fed meat visit About Fockler Creek Cattle.

We need to receive your deposit by June 30th. You can pay your deposit and/or your total bill for meat on our website, or you can call Margaret Wosepka at 641-373-4971 and mail a check. If calling in an order, make sure we receive your deposit within a week after your call to us. Your deposit will be deducted from the total price of your meat.  Your order is not secure until we have your deposit.

This year we will process at Clarion Locker. We switched lockers because there was no availability at Story City for 2021.  Please refer to clarionlocker.com for their different options regarding the cuts of meat which you prefer and the processing prices which go with the choices. Contact the locker with butchering instructions as least 2 weeks ahead of the processing date which is November 10th.  Your meat should be ready to pick up at the locker by the 1st week of December.

If you are not paying online, here is the payment information.

Checks payable to :Margaret Wosepka

Mailing address:

Fockler Creek Farms

Attn: M. Wosepka

2450 60th Street

Ackley, IA  50601