About Fockler Creek Cattle

Fockler Creek cattle are fed the way God intended.  They only eat pasture grass and are switched to organic hay in the dead of winter. 

Because they are only pasture raised, their meat contains conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) which fight against different types of cancer. Medicalnewstoday.com stated on April 2, 2019 "Over recent decades, numerous studies have shown that grass-based diets improve fatty acid ratios, specifically increasing CLA and omega-3 content, and also increase the healthful antioxidant content in beef."

Globalmeatnews.com shares this;"Grass-fed beef has the lowest red meat cancer risk09-Dec-2015 By Oscar Rousseau

"Eating red meat that has grazed on grass its entire life poses a potentially lower risk of cancer than pellet-fed beef, according to research by Mayo Clinic."